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Rock Chicks And Biker Babes

Rock chicks getting naked for you.

Rock Chicks And Biker Babes
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Site quality3.5
Update frequency4.0
Site usability3.0
Content amount2.5
User rating *4.0
Overall rating4.0
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Rock Chicks And Biker Babes Overview

The internet is filled to the brim with interesting, unique porn sites. Thereís a little something for everyone so no matter what you desire youíll be able to find something to pleasure you. If you like the mainstream, pornstar driven hardcore sites there are plenty of those so youíll never want for more. If you like a more off the beaten path kind of site then maybe you should check out Rock Chicks And Biker Babes.

Theyíre trying to do something a little different here and it starts with amateur chicks that have a penchant for behaving very badly. These lovely ladies revel in the attention that getting naked gives them. They also like a hard edge kind of guy, which is where they get the rock and biker babe labels. They like their men naughty and wild and thatís exactly how they are. On the tour thereís a free video you can stream instantly and there are lots of little preview pictures. Itís worth a look before you read the rest of the review.

Members Area of the Rock Chicks And Biker Babes Site

Rock Chicks And Biker Babes is a video site; donít let the presence of a few photos on the tour fool you. There are 214 pictures on the entirety of the site and they donít even have galleries setup for them. You have to download a zip file if you want to browse them. There are currently 14 models and they update once a week with a new scene so eventually that number will grow. Given how small the site is (42 videos isnít that large) itís nice to see that theyíre only charging $12/month. In fact, Iím not sure there are any sites that can be accessed for such a reasonable price so maybe you just want to jump at this one right away.

Members area of Rock Chicks And Biker Babes #1
members area screenshot #1
Members area of Rock Chicks And Biker Babes #2
members area screenshot #2

The girls are organized alphabetically on the main page; the entire site is crammed onto just one page actually. It makes browsing awfully easy and since itís not a huge collection yet itís not overwhelming. They have a little headshot of each chick to along with her age and where sheís from. The ladies all originate from the British Isles and most are in their early 20s with a few in their 30s. Theyíre amateurs but most are exceptionally good looking with a good sense of how to move for the camera and how to be sexy. They understand what you need to get hard and get off and they deliver that.

The ultimate question here is do these girls actually seem like Rock Chicks And Biker Babes? To me, not so much. Theyíre hot girls doing sexy amateur striptease videos. In a few of them they have the girl holding a guitar or standing in front of a bike but that doesnít actually make her a rock chick or a biker babe. I was imagining tattoos and piercings and that sort of stuff. Thereís literally nothing to separate these girls from any other babes on an adult website. However, itís only a problem if you were hell bent on seeing the tattooed and pierced chicks wearing lots of leather and sitting on their powerful motorcycles. If you just want hot British amateurs stripping naked for your pleasure then you should have a blast with these lovely ladies.


Rock Chicks And Biker Babes is a small amateur site that features 14 models in doing sexy stripteases 42 videos (updated every week so that number will be different by the time you read this). Youíd think that the girls would be rockerish or be wearing lots of leather and tattoos like you expect from biker sluts but theyíre really just amateur British chicks looking hot. Theyíre all exceptionally attractive and itís great watching them get naked and for $12/month you really canít go wrong price wise.

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Visitors Talking About Rock Chicks And Biker Babes

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Great amateur UK girl next door types on this site, All filmed by a "guy" next door type!, If you like to see real day to day women stripping off and teasing then you cant go wrong here likes... The quality is getting better all the time and it is 100% exclusive... You get what you see and you wont get it anywhere else either.. Rock on Riffy !
Comment added: Aug 02, 2009

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